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How to block OTA updates for “any” iOS devices


There are many reasons that users don’t want to update their device to latest iOS versions. For example, some people want to stay their device on specific version to wait for an upcoming jailbreak, or app developers want to test their app on a legacy iOS version …etc.

Before Feb. 2020, the most convenient way to block OTA update is installing a tvOS beta profile. However, since iOS 12.x (I’m not sure the specific version), iOS checks whether the profile can be installed in current device. Thus, tvOS 13 beta profile can’t be installed on iOS 12.x and above, and tvOS 12 beta profile has been already expired since 31/1/2020.

So, this tutorial provides some methods, which can let you block OTA for any device on any iOS versions.

If you want to post this tutorial to other place, please refer to this post, thanks!

在任何版本與裝置阻擋 iOS OTA 更新的方法

English version here

由於各種原因,像是為了等待越獄,或者 iOS 開發者為了測試用,所以把開發機故意保留在某一個版本,或者你只是覺得升級之後手機越來越慢…等等原因,許多人可能會不想要更新 iOS 到最新版本。

先前最方便阻擋 iOS OTA 的方法,就是安裝 tvOS 的 beta profile。可惜在 iOS 12.x (詳細版本我不是很確定)之後,系統預設會檢查 profile 是否相容你的機器,這導致 iOS 13 的 tvOS profile 無法安裝。而 tvOS 12 的 profile 又已經過期,而使得阻擋效果消失。

因此本篇文章就是要教各位如何在手機上阻擋 OTA 更新,讓手機可以繼續保留在你要的版本。