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Using Taptic Engine Without Private API

Few days ago, I learned that some developers call the “Peep” and “Pop” haptic feedback by using private APIs. For example, and

However, as they mentioned, these methods use private APIs. It means that you can’t submit an application with these methods. Fortunately, there’s a method that can use Tapic Engine, with public API, and it’s more easier.

So, let’s start!

Firstly, there’re three (not two!) kinds of haptic feedbacks in iOS 9.

  1. Peek
  2. Pop
  3. Double Peek (For example, press an icon which doesn’t support home screen menu.)

Most developers know that we can call vibrate by using

Just like kSystemSoundID_Vibrate, there’re the values for haptic feedback.

The values are:

All you need to do is import AudioToolbox.framework and call these functions.

Then, it just work.

Dcard 文章 API 抓取

最近在練習 Python,聽說 Python 當爬蟲不錯,因為 Dcard 最近有點紅,所以好奇想抓一下資料來看看。
原本想說直接一頁一頁爬下來就好,但是實作的時候會發現 Dcard 網站不是直接載入內容的,所以直接爬資料會得到空無一物的東西。