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Attackers can get private data from your iPhone without passcode!

This is an original research, please mention me or link this post if you forward this article to any other medium.

Unlike other articles which are for pro-users and developers. I will try to explain as detailed as I can in this article since it’s a very serious security issue for most iOS users. In Sep. 2019, security researcher @axi0mX found an epic exploit of most iOS devices, which named “checkm8”. It’s a bootrom exploit, which can’t be patched with any future iOS software updates.

And few days ago, the first jailbreak tool which based on checkm8 exploit was released, the tool is “checkra1n”.

買了 AirPods Pro 就可以完全聽不到噪音?你需要知道的抗噪小知識

最近 AirPods Pro 銷售非常熱門,雖然抗噪耳機這種東西已經存在了很長一段時間,但是對於一般普羅大眾來說,可能以為只要有抗噪耳機,在捷運上、飛機上、辦公室之類的就不會聽到任何噪音了。其實這是錯誤的觀念,今天這篇文章會簡單講解抗噪耳機的類型跟其限制,希望對想購買抗噪耳機的各位有所幫助。

Coriolis Systems 宣布停止營業,所有軟體開放免費授權下載

Coriolis Systems 是一家專注在 macOS 磁碟工具的軟體公司,著名作品有:iDefrag(macOS 用的磁碟重組工具)以及 iPartition(磁碟分割工具)。由於 APFS 格式沒有開放文件提供第三方廠商支援,導致他們的軟體沒有辦法繼續支援 APFS,加上現在大多數電腦使用 SSD,也不需要重組工具了,所以這家公司在 2019 年 1 月宣布停止營業。