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月份: 2015 年 10 月

iPhone 6s 使用一週後的簡易心得

去年寫了一篇 iPhone 6 Plus 用三天的簡易心得 ,在 iPhone4.TW 論壇有一些迴響,今年因為還是腦波弱,買了 iPhone 6s Plus,不過這次是用了一個星期之後才來寫。模式大概會跟之前差不多,我不會從開箱什麼的外觀、功能一個一個講(還是會簡單提一下啦),我只會在意一些新的變化,然後對一些新的互動方式來發表一些簡單的看法這樣。

Using Taptic Engine Without Private API

Few days ago, I learned that some developers call the “Peep” and “Pop” haptic feedback by using private APIs. For example, and

However, as they mentioned, these methods use private APIs. It means that you can’t submit an application with these methods. Fortunately, there’s a method that can use Tapic Engine, with public API, and it’s more easier.

So, let’s start!

Firstly, there’re three (not two!) kinds of haptic feedbacks in iOS 9.

  1. Peek
  2. Pop
  3. Double Peek (For example, press an icon which doesn’t support home screen menu.)

Most developers know that we can call vibrate by using

Just like kSystemSoundID_Vibrate, there’re the values for haptic feedback.

The values are:

All you need to do is import AudioToolbox.framework and call these functions.

Then, it just work.