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Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+ (English)

First, my English is not very good, this article may has lots of grammar mistakes.

Hope you can understand what I want to express.


I am the author of 5-Row Keyboard iOS4, 5-Row Keyboard for iPad, 5-Row Keyboard Deutsch and Keyboard Cache Cleaner.

However, in iOS 4.3.x, all these tools cannot work anymore.


In fact, I don’t know why they cannot work since I released Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+.

Anyway, you can download Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+ in Bigboss’ source from Cydia to solve this issue.

However, this tweak is based on Mobile Substrate, which cannot run in iFile.

iFile uses root permission (4777) , so only some famous Mobile Substrate addons (eg: Activator, SBSettings) can run in it.


I will try to fix this issue in iFile in the future, however I cannot promise since I’m not a programmer of Object C and iOS.

By the way, the Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+ uses some part of the source code from “showcase”.

So I made it conflicts with showcase. If you want to install Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+, the showcase plugin will be removed automatically.


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  1. Yuthear Yuthear

    Thanks for your hard work. I have problem with my custom keyboard (my language) and after I installed Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+, it works fine. But I found one issue . when I added my custom keyboard, it crashed (settings – General – Keyboard – International Keyboards – Add New Keyboards).

    BeforeI used Keyboard Cache Cleaner for iOS 4.2.1 it won’t crashed when I added custom keyboard.

    Do you know how to solve this issue? Please advice!!


    • 皮樂 皮樂

      As you know, it is caused by keyboard cache which only in iOS 4.2.1 +.
      So, you can delete / disable it by Keyboard Cache Cleaner, or use iFile to change the permission of /User/Library/Caches/ to 644 (No execute for User, Group and World)

      Disabling keyboard cache is safe, you don’t need to backup anything.

      However, when the crashes, your keyboard settings are already saved.
      So, if you don’t need to change your keyboard settings usually, it’s okay to keep keyboard caches there. 😀

  2. Yuthear Yuthear

    Many thanks. Now my keyboard is working and no crash. With regards.

  3. Yuthear Yuthear


    I have custom keyboard for iPad 1 but lower firmware. I want to upgrade to new iOS 4.2.1 and might be for iOS 4.3.1 Is Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+ can use for iPad keyboard or it is only for iPhone?


    • 皮樂 皮樂

      Keyboard Fixer iOS 4.3+ works for iPad, too.
      However, custom keyboards for iOS 3 may not support iOS 4.
      If the keyboard cannot support your firmware, it may caused your device in a respring loop.

  4. Yuthear Yuthear

    Have you test iOS 5 with custom keyboard?

    Looking for any good news. Thanks

  5. Yuthear Yuthear

    I could not use my ipad keyboard iOS 3.x on iOS 4.x. Could you help me, what can I do on that? What is different between iOS 3.x and iOS 4.x?

    Many thanks in advance and hope that you can guide me on that.

    • 皮樂 皮樂

      Keyboard between iOS 3.x and 4.x use different functions, it is not possible to port keyboard from 3.x to 4.x.

      (The only way is rewrite it)

      For iOS5, seems Apple disable keyboard plugins, I’m still trying to solve this.

  6. Yuthear Yuthear

    Thanks for the reply. I hope to get good news of custom keyboard on iOS5 soon. Thank you so much.

  7. Yuthear Yuthear


    I am sorry to ask you again. Any good news of custom keyboar on iOS 5?


    • 皮樂 皮樂

      Sorry not yet. 😛

  8. Yuthear Yuthear

    Thanks for your reply. Waiting for good news! Many thanks

  9. Yuthear Yuthear

    I’m looking forward to any good news of KB on iOS5!!!

  10. Yuthear Yuthear

    I am sorry for asking again…Any hope for the custom keyboard on iOS 5? Now is beta 3 drops, soon will be GM.

    • 皮樂 皮樂

      Sorry here’s still no good news…
      Seems Apple deleted (or rewrite) all the code in iOS5, so any patch of keyboard cannot work for now.

  11. Yuthear Yuthear

    Thanks for the info. Do you mind me ask your email address?

    • 皮樂 皮樂

      You can get my email address via Cydia. (find 5row keyboard)

  12. Yuthear Yuthear

    Thanks. Any good news at the moment for the custom keyboard?

  13. JGBlake JGBlake

    I turned off Simple Passcode and I have a problem where my jailbroken iPhone will sometimes crash and restart while I have 5-Row Keyboard set. When it restarts the keyboard on the startup screen is blank, so I can’t enter my password. The only solution I can find is to do a restore-to-factory in iTunes. Has anyone got a better solution?

    • 皮樂 皮樂

      Yes, there’s a easy way to fix this issue.

      I think the keyboard is blank because you just get in to “Safemode”.
      So, you can just click the status bar in the top of your screen, and you will see a pop-up window.
      In this time, just click Restart in the window, it will respring your iPhone and the keyboard will appear again soon.

      (P.S. “Safemode” means your iPhone won’t load plugins which installed via Cydia, that’s why the keyboard disappeared.)

  14. Fangshihyuan Fangshihyuan

    Dear HIRAKU

    Do you think to make the 5-ROW keyboard for French version?

    my phone is 4.3.3, live in French.